A written order is required before any work will commence.

Payment Terms:

Where payment credit terms are indicated these are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice.


Where parts or installation is custom made or built specifically for a client a 40% deposit is required.

Interim Payment:

Interim payments for works in progress every 10 working days, up to a minimum balance of 10%, which may be held by the contractor until satisfactory completion of works. All and any remaining final balances of any outstanding payment must be received no later than 45 days from completion.


Unless stated otherwise, costs do not include VAT and should be added at today's applicable rate.


Quotations are valid for 60 days only unless otherwise stated.

Terms & Conditions:

The provided cost is based upon our visual site survey. Therefore, upon commencement of repair/service works, should our engineer discover additional items we will notify you immediately prior to continuing.


Our quotation costs do not include any call out or repair costs following a previous visit to site unless otherwise stated in our quotation. The call out visits will be charged additionally at your standard rates and are to be invoiced separately.


Our quotation is based on Monday to Friday (8am-5pm) working inclusive of travel. If the aforementioned project were to be carried out outside of our normal working hours or on a bank holiday then our price would need to be revised.


Our quotations are subject to a site survey, or working drawings (where applicable). We have the right to alter our price or specification accordingly to any changes necessary. All works quoted are based upon step ladder or footed ladder access. Our tender does not include for the provision of any scaffold, hoisting, power supply, storage facilities, fork lift trucks, personnel platforms, water and the usual services which will be necessary to carry out the tendered works safely. These are to be provided free of charge by main contractor. If we are required to provide any of these services ourselves then these will be noted in our quotation or will be invoiced for as an extra to you. Due to health and safety regulations, our quoted price is based upon a clear and traffic free work area at all times, including contractors. If this is not possible then out of hours working will have to be negotiated, our engineers are instructed only to work in areas as described and may leave site if this is not the case. In the event that such site circumstances prevent our engineers from efficiently carrying out our works, or should our engineers have to return to site due to lack of electrical supply, unavailability of arranged third party contractors or for handover at end of project or other such circumstances beyond our control then additional costs may be incurred at hourly rate prevailing at time of works. Delay time and additional visits will be chargeable at £65 per hour per man including travel time. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the surfaces are structurally sound and fully prepared, prior to our installation. We reserve the right to invoice for additional materials or time on site required to prepare surfaces to a reasonable standard.


Safe dry storage for the goods must be provided. SDG Access does not accept any retention of monies on any installation or supply only contract unless expressly agreed and documented in writing prior to order being accepted. Our costs already include for 2.5%MCD. The title of goods provided as part of these works or this order remains with SDG Access Limited and does not pass to any other party until such time as all monies owed are received within the agreed terms of payment. Any failure to make full payment will result in reclamation of equipment supplied to the value of any balance of payment due from site in lieu of such payments not made. In the event of bankruptcy, winding up or any other such change in legal status of the ordered. We reserve the right to enter the relevant property to which the products or services have been provided to and remove equipment installed. In the event our services are provided to form part of works being provided to another 3rd party by the you the purchaser detailed above, then you must advise the receiver of such services that title of the goods and services is not transferred to you, and therefore in turn to them until all monies are paid in full to Us.